A position is available at your company. Before the final interview, arrange for Queference to do reference checks on the most qualified candidates to solidify your personal impression.

The Queference software sends online prompts to the candidates to provide names and contact information for their references. You can then validate the given references. The list of suggested references can be modified by you or even be created from scratch.

Validated references receive a standardized questionnaire optionally supplemented with individualized questions. The questionnaire is then anonymously submitted online.

Submitted and valid feedback is analyzed by the Queference software. A single or comparative report is generated as soon as at least two references have submitted their feedback.

For each candidate You receive fast, concrete, credible and comparative data that helps facilitate your candidate selection.


The content of the reference questionnaire varies depending on the position to be filled.
You have the choice of a variety of questionnaire types:

Function Specific

Function specific, predefined questionnaires are available. These contain questions about professional and personal skills, performance, potential, and leadership. In addition, general assessments of the candidates as well as recommendations for settling into a new environment are collected. The function specific questionnaires are ideal for management positions, specialists as well as customer service positions.


These questionnaires were developed by Prof. Dr. Klaus Moser of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Chair of Economic and Social Psychology, and covers the evaluation of prerequisites/potential, work and social behavior along with performance for both specialist and managerial positions.


Questionnaires can be modified based on existing function specific questionnaires or completely rewritten. We are happy to help you develop scientifically founded, tailor-made questionnaires for your specific case.


To give you an impression of what to expect, the following is an excerpt of a reference report generated by Queference: