With Queference, the classic written recommendation process finally enters the digital age. Our online process provides you with fast, uncomplicated reference feedback about your candidates in unprecedented quality.

Reference feedback can now also be aimed at areas of business, e.g. retail, call centers or the catering sector, for which it previously has hardly been practicable. Especially in these business areas this first-hand information about trustworthiness and performance capabilities is particularly valuable.

A professional reference survey not only improves the quality of your personnel selection, but also provides useful information for the successful onboarding of new employees.

Queference can also take care of the planning and implementation of your entire reference process as a managed service.


In an increasingly diversified business world, the successful selection of employees has become an increasingly decisive factor for companies’ success. Written recommendations are only partially suitable for conveying a truly realistic picture of the competence and personal abilities of an candidate.

Minimize your risk of hiring unsuitable team members and optimize the recruitment process by obtaining reference feedback: former supervisors, employees and colleagues of your candidates know their performance and behavior from their own personal experience. They are better able to judge them – professionally and personally. With Queference, you can make use of this knowledge.


Queference offers you an efficient online process to obtain feedback about your candidates.

Former supervisors, colleagues and subordinates are surveyed online for detailed and personal observations on the behavior and the performance of the candidate in their former positions. The scope and focus areas of the survey are determined by you.

The results are anonymously analyzed and presented in an overview encompassing the entire assessment spectrum. They are available within days of the start of the survey. The quality of this feedback is much more informative than well-meaning recommendations or unverifiable information given in interviews.

The selection process is extended to include the genuine perspective of former superiors and colleagues and thus promotes a substantive, long-term successful selection of staff.

You save the time and effort it takes to personally contact all references, to acquire honest testimony and to thoroughly evaluate and compile the information received.


Through the multiple perspectives offered through Queference

– hiring decisions can be made swiftly
– valuable clues are gained for use during the onboarding period
– the overall quality and length of service of newly hired employees increases
– the long-term performance of your organization improves

Advantages for Candidates

Candidates and their resumes are no longer reduced to information gathered from resumes, during short interviews or written recommendations from former employers. Queference implements the perspectives of former managers, subordinates and colleagues into the selection process which results in a much more balanced look at your candidate. This is particularly relevant for international candidates without written recommendations.
The knowledge gained through the reference feedback process can be directly applied to substantially improve the onboarding process of your candidates.

Advantages for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Everyone knows that feeling of uncertainty after an interview. You want to hire the candidate but you have the feeling there is something missing. Certain information is lacking and cannot be found on standard written recommendations and resumes. Queference fills these holes from first-hand sources and saves you time and money.
The simple and intuitive Queference reference feedback process is highly user-friendly.
The hiring manager immediately receives an objectively analyzed, graphed and illustrated report.

Put an end to the feeling of uncertainty after an interview


Our online reference feedback process enables you to reach all references worldwide, at any time.
If desired, Queference can manage the entire reference feedback collection process.


Reference feedback obtained anonymously is personal and genuine – as opposed to hard to verify information gathered from resumes, interviews and written recommendations often using standardized text modules and coded language.


Our anonymous online process significantly increases availability of references and their willingness to reveal Information. Only a few days lie between contacting references and receiving feedback.


Depending on the type of questionnaire selected, you will receive detailed Information about social competences, teamwork, expertise, values, performance, motivation and potential of your candidate. In addition, you will receive tips for planning a successful onboarding program. Of course, you can add additional individual questions for each candidate to address specific topics.

Cost Reduction

Recruitment costs – and above all, the costs incurred from hiring the wrong candidate – can be significant. Queference provides hard data to greatly improve the decision-making process in personnel selection for every company, no matter the size.


Our function specific questionnaires were developed on the basis of many years of professional practice with candidates in all areas of business. Scientific questionnaires that were developed in cooperation with renowned universities are also available. All of our questionnaires are in compliance with data protection, legally audited and available in several languages.